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We’ll talk to Kyle Morris of Sharing World Entertainment, whose newly launched literacy and learning program features the work of Richie Havens. We’ll hear about the program, its potential benefits for PWD, and music from Richie Havens’s last albums, including some of his first music written exclusively for children (“Mixed Bag for Kids” and “…His Last Songs”). See: &

We’ll also have interviews with Victor Calise, Commissioner of MOPD and Juila Pinover of Disability Rights Advocates, and check in with Portlight Strategies‘ Paul Timmons on their latest disaster relief efforts.

Judge: NYC “Does Not Have an Adequate Plan” for Evacuating Vulnerable During Disasters

A federal judge has ruled in favor of advocates who argued that New York City is not adequately prepared to evacuate disabled residents during emergencies, a problem that came to the forefront during Sandy and Irene. Judge Jesse Furman wrote “the city’s plans are inadequate to ensure that people with disabilities are able to evacuate before or during an emergency; they fail to provide sufficiently accessible shelters; and they do not sufficiently inform people with disabilities of the availability and location of accessible emergency services.”

WNYC News: Judge: “City Does Not Have an Adequate Plan” for Evacuating Vulnerable During Disasters