Largest Minority Radio Show: Wednesday, November 12, 2014

TONIGHT! The Largest Minority Radio Show is on the air at 9 PM on WBAI 99.5 FM New York, and streaming online at

Join us as we remember the late editor, publisher, author, and activist extraordinaire, Lucy Gwin. We’ll hear about the upcoming Reelabilities: New Jersey Disabilities Film Festival, and related events. We will also talk about what’s next in emergency preparedness for people with disabilities, following the lawsuit that was brought against NYC via Disability Rights Advocates. We’ll also be joined by comedian Steve Way, who will tell us all about an upcoming comedy club showcase (and maybe how he uses his ventilator as a prop). All this and more tonight, with your co-hosts Brendan Costello, T.K. Small, and Alejandra Ospina. Don’t miss it! (But if you do, it will be archived on our website,