About The Largest Minority Radio Show

The “largest minority” numbers somewhere around 56 million people with disabilities in the United States alone.

We are made up of every race, creed, color, economic class, and social strata.  Some of us are born into this group, and many join later in life.  Anyone can become a member at any time.

“The Largest Minority” is a radio endeavor committed to giving a voice to the disability community. We chronicle the disability rights movement past and present; and keep up with the struggle to make our societies more inclusive and accessible to all. We talk to artists, musicians, and writers, and present the culture of disability.

Disability encompasses such a vast array of human conditions that it almost defies a cohesive center. The spectrum of disability spans the physical, intellectual, psychological and sensory. Fostering understanding amongst our diverse elements is one of our goals; the other is helping our allies without disabilities to understand us. The issues that concern to people with  disability are largely the same as those affecting people without disabilities: employment, housing, healthcare and education, to name a few. “The Largest Minority” will highlight these similarities.

People with disabilities inhabit every aspect of society. Yet, in most cases we sit at the fringe, with more of us unemployed and under the poverty level than any other group. “The Largest Minority” will present the complete spectrum of disability and ideas within the disability community. Our shows will be interesting, diverse, funny and sometimes provocative. We will not be afraid to ask the tough question and we will always be accepting of differing points of view; after all, our true goal is inclusion.